Schools start treating e-cigarettes as drug paraphernalia

Schools start treating e-cigarettes as drug paraphernalia

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Some schools are getting tougher on e-cigarettes, even punishing possession of the devices more harshly than regular cigarettes. The devices, which heat a nicotine solution to create a vapor instead of burning tobacco, have passed traditional smokes in popularity among teenagers. Schools are clamping down because e-cigarettes, sometimes also known as … Continue reading


Middle school students given ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ puzzles

  MONESSEN, Pa. (AP) — Parents in a Pennsylvania school district are turning 50 shades of red over word search puzzles given to their middle school students based on an erotic novel and movie. The students were given puzzles based on “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The puzzles contained terms including “spanking,” ”submissive,” ”leather cuffs” and … Continue reading

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UVa. hires security firm to guide students to safety

  CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. (AP) — The University of Virginia has contracted with an international security firm to guide vulnerable students to safety in Charlottesville neighborhoods near campus. The university says the unarmed security guards will be called ambassadors. The ambassadors may help walk students home, call a safe ride or wait with them at a … Continue reading