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NSU football player Omar Morrissey speaks on how the pandemic has affected his season

by Makayla Overton

Since spring 2020, student athletes from all over have been experiencing setbacks, due to the abrupt invasion of a pandemic. Many did not know when they would get the chance to play games, attend practice with teammates, or compete in front of a crowd again. NSU football player Omar Morrissey did not know if he would even attend school again in the fall 2020 semester.

COVID-19 shook up his whole world.

“Right before COVID, I was getting closer to the physical body shape I wanted, but COVID messed that up,” Morrissey said.

Morrissey also expressed that the pandemic had caused him to lose all of his motivation to play the game he loved.

“I was looking forward to the spring,” said Morrissey. “Then the season got cancelled two weeks before the first game. I lost all hope.”

The Spring 2021 season’s kickoff was supposed to be February 20; however, as Morrissey stated, it was cancelled two weeks prior on February 7.

When asked if he was concerned about his safety as far as COVID-19, Morrissey stated “It concerns me more in the weight rooms and locker room, because those are enclosed and tight spaces.”

Morrissey continued saying that he did not worry about the virus on the field, because he is playing outside and that he’s “really only worried about playing the game at that moment.”

Towards the end of the interview, Morrissey expressed his excitement about returning to the field for training, even though the occurrence of the fall 2021 season is contingent upon the severity of COVID-19. Until then, like many other student athletes, Morrissey will continue to hold his breath and hope to return to the game he holds dear.

“The moment I step on the field,” stated Morrissey, “football is first… life is second.”