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Jeremiah O’ Bryant and Daesia Dixon 2020-21 SGA President and Vice President

The Student Government Association (SGA) Elections Commission announced Jeremiah O’Byrant as the newley elected 2020-21 SGA President and Daesia Dixon as Vice-President.

O’Bryant a Senior majoring in Political Science from Forestville, Maryland is a member of Epsilon Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. He is a familiar face among the SGA Family in that he was the SGA Parliamentarian last year’s administration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, activities on campus have to be monitored extremely carefully in order to protect students, faculty, and administrator.

“First, we need have to realize that COVID-19 is a serious issue,” O’Byrant commented. “Student voice is so very important in the “Make it Happen” administration and it is in our best interest to be engaged with the students socially and virtually.”

O’Byrant will be working along side with Daesia Dixon a Senior Tourism and Hospitality Management major from Newport News, Virginia. She is a member of Sisters’ Circle, Spartan Generals, and an NSLS member at Norfolk State.

“We built a relationship where knew that we could create change with her skills in event and marketing and with my skills of  public speaking and being able to connect with people,” O’Byrant had said about Dixon. “I think with both of our interactions like that we are able to bridge the gap and focus in on using COVID-19 to our advantage.”

Even though COVID-19 has made it at times very difficult to meet and have activities on campus, O’Byrant and Dixon will persevere and push forward for the students of Norfolk State University that they represent.