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Norfolk State institutes Temporary Pass/Fail Policy due to pandemic

by Skyler Sales

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect people all around the world, college students are being affected more than ever. Since all schools have been shut down or moved to online, students have been finding it harder to cope with the newly placed changes. But, with the help of Student Government Association President Linea Woodson, Norfolk State students spoke up so that the proper accommodations would be made.

Most of the student’s concerns were from the fact that classes were online. A lot of students had voiced that having classes online wasn’t the best for them and their learning styles due to distractions at home

Another concern is that not all students have access to the proper tools such as internet connection and computer access Such tools as these would be essential in order for students to succeed during this current situation. A change had to be in place in order for all students to end the semester on a strong note.

As of March 31st, the Office of the Provost has approved a Temporary Pass/Fail policy for undergraduate students. This states that the policy temporarily modifies the University’s existing pass/fail policy by automatically assigning all letter grades of D- or higher with a “P” if the student chooses this option.

The interim policy also temporarily allows Pass/Fail policy for major courses and permits students to take more than 12 credits hours toward the undergraduate degree using the Pass/Fail grading option.

I think the fact that we as a student body spoke up to our university expressing our concerns and our school, actually listening, and trying to figure out what can be done, shows that they really care about us succeeding,” said senior Kausezea Hunt. “I believe the policy will definitely put a lot of students at ease when it comes to this semester and help us deal with this epidemic a little better.”

A copy of Interim Policy #3 is available online at the NSU Policy Library.