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YouTube produces HIV/AIDS awareness video for NSU iBook Project

Norfolk State faculty members in diverse disciplines received a $48,000 grant from the National Library of Medicine to engage in community outreach to decrease the spread of the HIV.  Project CHOICE: Information Access is designed to provide accurate information regarding HIV/AIDS using innovative educational technology to develop an iBook and EPUB (a digital book for Android devices).

The project is a collaborative endeavor under the direction of Drs. Desi Hacker (Graduate Studies and College of Liberal Arts), Cynthia Burwell (School of Education) and Rasha Morsi (College of Science, Engineering and Technology). The iBook provides information on the prevalence and impact of HIV/AIDS in the community. It allows readers to interact with the content by providing scenarios to assess risk and consider options for safer behaviors as well as provide links to resources and services both locally and nationally.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) produced a YouTube video for NSU’s iBook Project. The video features all of NSU’s awardees. NSU’s segment starts around the 11:07 mark.

The link below is for the video.  |  NLM YouTube Channel