Winter graduation and the job search

by Kaitlyn Wolodkewitsch

Winter graduation is an option for students wishing to graduate early or those who were a semester behind. Graduating in the winter allows students to take a semester off before starting graduate school or they can begin to start looking for a job at a time when there are fewer people in the marketplace.

According to USA Today-College, winter is less competitive for job opportunities than the summer and fall seasons. But, with the right preparation, a job can be found during any season. According to NSU Career Services Director Alisha Bazemore how much effort you put into getting a job matters much more than what time of the year you graduate. Bazemore suggests starting to look for a job about six months before graduation.

“You never know who you’re going to meet at the grocery store or the next sporting event,” said Bazemore. “It’s always someone who may be able to leverage you in(to) a position you are seeking. It doesn’t matter when you graduate; it’s how aggressive you are in pursuing your employment.”

According to U.S. News, there are six things that students can do in order to have a more successful job search: research the position they want, have a plan, always be networking, focus on the accomplishments, avoid using slang and clean up their online presence. Bazemore also suggests having a marketable resume on hand so when someone asks for a resume the student does not have to scramble to come up with one.

Career Services holds events in which they will review a student’s resume, have employers come to interview students, and they provide many more opportunities.

Community Way Up says there are two hiring sprees: the beginning of the year and August through November. Graduating in the winter lets the graduate be available for the beginning of the year hiring spree. Graduating in the summer gives the graduate the opportunity to prepare for the second hiring spree without having to do so while trying to graduate.

Graduating in the winter also saves a whole semester in tuition costs as well as giving the student the opportunity to take a break before jumping into graduate school, if that is their plan. Winter graduation ceremonies also tend to be shorter than summer graduations because there are fewer students.

This semester’s grades are due by Monday, Nov. 27, for winter graduating seniors. Winter graduation will take place on Saturday, Dec. 9, starting at 9:30 a.m. and will be held in the Norfolk Scope Arena.