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Death of Kenneka Jenkins speaks to college students

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by Raeza Hoover

Over the past week and a half, the case of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins has received much internet speculation. The Chicago fire department found Jenkins in a walk-in freezer days after attending a friend’s birthday party at the Rosemont Hotel. With little information given by the Chicago police, social media became the platform for amateur sleuthing and many theories on Jenkins’ death. According to the Chicago Tribune, medical examiners are still weeks away from finding a cause of death.

Many speculators think authorities are dragging their feet in the investigation.

Jenkins had no intention on attending the party initially, on Friday, Sept. 8. As seen in Facebook live footage, underage drinking and drug use are obviously in the mix. Party-goers say Kenneka left the room stumbling with her best friend, and then never returned. Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, caught wind that her daughter was missing and immediately went searching at the hotel. Martin received no help for the hotel staff and had to wait 24 hours to report her daughter missing.

The case of Kenneka Jenkins has touched the hearts of many young adults, especially college students, across the nation. Colleges and universities stress the dangers of drinking upon students’ arrival in an effort to raise awareness and prevent underage drinking.

The coroner has ruled out homicide, but so far, there are no results from toxicology. There is still no definite cause of death for Jenkins.

Hopefully, there will be justice for Kenneka…and not just a hashtag for a tombstone.