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Almost crippling accident results in crippling encounter

by Raeza Hoover 

I was crossing the street to get on campus when a white Dodge Charger almost hit me. It was Monday, August 21, at the corner of Park and Corprew. The driver wasn’t paying attention while making a left-hand turn from Park onto Corprew.

I was a pedestrian with the right-of-way. “Spice Girls” by Aminé was blaring in my headphones and I was excited about my first day as a senior. The motorist stopped, but only 6 inches away from hitting me. To the motorist, I was insignificant until he noticed curves and a bust line. I was not jaywalking and nothing I had on was revealing. It was a summer morning, making me perfectly visible. To add further insult, he flashed the most charming smile imaginable while ogling me. Then he drove away like nothing happened.

Since 11 years old, being a female for me has included catcalls, gawking and other obnoxious behavior. This includes my personal space. When does a compliment go too far? I’m pretty sure a near hit and run would take the cake.

Making a scene at a passing car would have been pointless. I also would’ve been late for class. A constant worry of many women is whether or not they’ll make it safely in their travels. Ironically…an almost crippling accident is the least of their worries. However, nothing’s as crippling as being objectified and not seen as a human being.