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From student to pro, its a hard road

In this Oct. 23, 2015, file photo, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher addresses community members at the Robert E. Lee Elementary School in San Diego, Calif. Gonzalez Fletcher proposed that the state create a commission to protect the health and safety of collegiate athletes, something the bill says the NCAA and school athletic departments in California have failed to do. (Misael Virgen/San Diego Union-Tribune via AP)

by Troy White

There is a moment of relaxation right before a student athlete’s season rolls around. This moment of calmness is only for a short time period before an athlete must take on what life calls “a busy student athlete.” In complete honestly, hearing about the life of an athlete isn’t easy. Most of the athletes practice three times per day. The wear and tear on their bodies is a direct result of tiredness and lack of sleep.

Student athletes are extremely time crunched; their decision-making skills tend to make life harder than the average student. Due to very long road trips or away games, most of the time an athlete gets back to campus early in the morning, and has the responsibility to attend every class in spite of being very tired.

First, the NCAA has a flawless business model. Free labor from kids who have visions to make their dream a reality that, in return, risk their health and mental toughness. Education isn’t easy as an athlete, but it’s ultimately what you sign up for. In the modern day, tuition is considered very expensive for every person pursuing a college education. To have a position where you can make college tuition less than the average person because of an extra curricular activity  makes it easier on your parent’s pockets.

At the end of the day, every person strives to be successful. Many student athletes seek their dreams to one day be drafted as a pro and make all their problems nonexistent. The life of a student athlete is well deserving at the end of the journey, if you can make a decent profit from it.

Through God, anything is possible. Keeping hope alive is very vital to student athletes. They tend to spread knowledge about the grace of God through social websites. All in all, the student athlete’s life seems to be very overwhelming, but worth the sacrifice of one day fulfilling the dream every person looks forward to: Draft Day.

Draft day is the day a majority of America looks toward finding out who and what player has been selected to what team, the day where players are very blessed to say they’ve been drafted, and parents are glad to see their children reach an incredible milestone.