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Capcom brings new horror to gaming

residentevilby Kalin Wiggins

The developers at Capcom have released a new edition to their “Resident Evil” series with their thrilling new horror “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.” Instead of taking the usual third-person shooter approach, Capcom took a creative spin on this first-person action and horror game.

The story begins as Ethan Winters searches for his wife Mia, who has been missing for about three years. Ethan receives a weird video message from his wife, which leads him to a plantation owned by the Bakers family. However, upon arrival Ethan comes to find out that Mia isn’t the same woman he married and that the Bakers aren’t your typical family.

Fighting through creatures called the “Molded,” Ethan searches for a way to save his infected spouse. Straying away from their zombie filled roots, Molded are new creatures introduced by the Resident Evil team. Created by the antagonist Eveline, the Molded are created through human beings that are infected by the virus Eveline carries.

The new installment to Resident Evil is a perfect addition to the horror side of things for the series. The limited supplies you receive, to the very dark corridors you progress through, make this a very frightening experience for gamers. Especially with the creation of the Playstation VR (Virtual Reality), players can experience the horror through their own eyes. This engages the player into an even more shocking experience that will leave them shaking in their boots.