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Gucci Mane is giving his fans what they want, more music

Photo from Gucci Mane's Facebook profile.

Photo from Gucci Mane’s Facebook profile.

by Daniel Smallwood

What a run it’s been for Gucci Mane this year. And it’s not over. After three years in prison, he was freed at the end of May, and he dropped a crushing Mike Will-produced single, First Day out Tha Feds, the very next day.

Since then, he has collaborated with basically all of the game’s biggest stars and has released two solid projects, Everybody Looking, which made its chart debut at No. 2, and Woptober, which was one of the essential mixtape projects of last month.

Then again, according to Gucci, the best is yet to come. At 36-years-old, Gucci is going harder than ever and plans on releasing his 10th studio album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, dropping on Dec. 16.

Gucci Mane’s first album of 2016, Everybody Looking, had fairly positive reviews and resulted in his highest chart position ever.

Given that he just released the Woptober mixtape on top of that, Gucci’s 2016 work ethic certainly can’t be questioned and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down as the year draws to a close.

He took to his Twitter account to make a very bold prediction about his next project.

After one tweet that simply read “Success is the best revenge!” hash tagged with #TheReturnOfEastAtlantaSanta, Gucci dropped the release date (Dec. 16) and claimed that The Return of East Atlanta Santa would be the album of the year.

“I mean this guy has been dropping albums and mixtapes even while he was in jail, so why would he stop now?” said Patrick Register, a Norfolk State University junior. “I hear people talking about quality over quantity, but I appreciate him giving his fans music to constantly vibe too. How many people can say that about their favorite rapper?”

Then again, not all NSU students feel the same about Gucci Mane’s music.

“I mean what else is he supposed to say? Gucci Mane has a zero percent chance of having the album of the year,” said Justin Sherman, a Norfolk State University sophomore. “The Browns have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than that happening.”

Gucci has already shared three new tracks since Woptober, I Told You (feat. Young Thug), Floor Seats (feat. Quavo), and Moon Walk (feat. Akon and Chris Brown). He has also recently acquired a new Santa Claus chain, which he felt was deserving of its own social media accounts. Check that out for yourself!