Voter registration worker charged with submitting fake names

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Authorities have charged an ex-voter registration worker with submitting a batch of bogus voter-registration forms in Alexandria.

The city’s commonwealth’s attorney, Bryan Porter, said Friday that 30-year-old Vafalay Massaquoi has been arraigned on four felony counts related to voter-registration fraud. He’s been ordered jailed pending a December preliminary hearing.

Porter said Massaquoi, a former Alexandria resident, was working for a voter-advocacy group this spring when he submitted forms with fictitious names.

Porter said the chance that the bogus applications could have enabled actual voter fraud is low because the identities were invented.

Registrar Anna Leider estimated between 10 and 100 bogus applications were submitted, and all have been rejected.

Massaquoi had been working for a group called New Virginia Majority, which says it fired Massaquoi and cooperated with the investigation.

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