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Urban Control grows beyond Norfolk State, but stays rooted at NSU

by Jaquan Anderson

Urban Control is a performance group started at NSU. Debuting in 2013, the performance group consist of dancers, music artists, poets and standout media personalities. Shaun Thompson, the creator of Urban Control is a senior at Norfolk State. Thompson has gained the respect of peers and spectators for the work he has put toward Urban Control featured events.

Urban Control has had several events at NSU in the past three years. In addition, the performance group travels. The travel aspect (added after UC’s first year) permits the group to perform at other schools, churches and cultural events.

Two events the NSU community look forward to every year from UC are “LOVE/LUST” and “The Red Cup Chronicles.” Both Urban Control events show Norfolk State students displaying their talent along with meaningful messages in the story plots. The play—like concerts—have earned UC fans over the years.

Thompson writes and directs all Urban Control Showcases with the help of other Urban Control performers. While finishing his senior year and also on the NSU track team, Thompson plans to pass the Urban Control torch down after he leaves. He believes that the key to UC’s success comes from hard work and the power of God.

“…It’s so blessed to have the opportunity we’ve been given. Urban Control is here to stay,” said Thompson.

When attending Urban Control events, spectators have come to expect a live and thrilling environment. Technical resources and awesome stage presence from performers gives audiences something to remember. Upcoming UC events include “The Red Cup Chronicles” and halftime performances at the 2016 MEAC basketball tournament.