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Five ways you can improve your chances on a job interview

by Julian Washington

The job search might be hard, but everyday businesses hire people for certain tasks. They look to see how you present yourself and to see if you are qualified based on your resume. Here are five easy ways to make sure you secure the job.

It is very important how you dress. “Iron clothes for the interview and dress both age appropriate and professional,” says U.S. News. The best outfit to wear for an interview would be dress pants with a button down collared shirt with a blazer over it. The best shoe type would be to wear Oxfords and staying away from sneakers.

Mental preparation is key. The Wall Street Journal says that if you are ever stuck on a question just calm down, and take several deep breaths. Say tranquil words like calm, soft, and low. Prepare for the “what’s your weakness” question. Employers love asking that question, so the best thing to do is to be honest with them.

Bring multiple copies of your resume. Employers like to see that you are more than prepared for the interview. U.S. News says show up five minutes before the scheduled interview start time. Do not show up with a coffee or beverage or anything that can get stuck in your teeth.

Ask questions back to the interviewer. You should always have questions for the interviewer on either the atmosphere of the office or place you are trying to work. It demonstrates your interest in the position. Prepare a minimum of five questions which will either give you more knowledge about the position or the goals of the company.

Do your research. You are certain to be specific questions about the company, so you have to know a lot about what the company does and take a look at last year’s profits. The more you know about the company and what it stands for, the better chance you’ll have selling yourself.

These are five easy ways that you can improve your chances at getting the job over other applicants. Just remember it is important on how you dress, always think about your answers to the employer’s questions, be prepared for the interview, ask questions back and do your research.