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SGA General Assembly opens up about new student initiatives and concerns

by Kori Wiggins

From food services to where student tuition is going and more, the SGA General Assembly that occurred Tuesday, Jan. 19, addressed a number of concerns that Norfolk State students had about the university.

Spartan Cavalry is working toward making the falling student pride rise with new initiatives such as a section for members of the cavalry, as well as new events planned for the upcoming month.

The student class representatives also introduced their upcoming class weeks and events. All dates for freshman and junior week were discussed as well as the seniors’ “50 Days” celebration coming up in celebration for the May graduates. 50 Days will be March 18 to May 7.

After organization initiatives were discussed, the floor became open to students to voice their opinions. Most complaints were targeted toward food service issues, such as Scott Dozier putting food up before meal plan hours end. Another sore point was the lack of school pride at football and basketball games.

“Overall, I felt like it was impactful,” said SGA President Twain Davis. “It definitely got through to some students. We just want to be transparent, meaning we want the student body to know what’s going on, where their dollars are going, as well as what improvements they wanted to make.”

“The most important part of the assembly was the Student Allocation Fee Committee,” Twain added. “The committee recommends to the president what the budget should be and where the monies should go.”

Davis would also like to improve the student-alumni relations.

“We have three events that we will collaborate on with the Alumni Association. The first is ‘Life after Undergrad,’ Jan. 28. We’ve got alumni coming back… and they’ll be speaking on life after their undergraduate days and just giving words of wisdom and tips of success to us undergrad students. The second event is ‘Paying Forward,’ which shows the importance of giving back. The last event is a network soirée, where the alumni come back to encourage students, just engage and exchange information. The event is a formal attire event.” The dates for these events are still in the works.

For more information regarding these events, contact Twain Davis at