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Low enrollment challenges NSU

NSU's Enrollment Management can be found online at

NSU’s Enrollment Management can be found online at

by Danee’ Allred

Last year’s accreditation scare caused many future Spartans and current Spartans to reconsider their decision on being a part of the Spartan Nation. Due to low enrollment this year, it did affect Residence Life by having two residence halls shutdown for the year (Scott and Rosa), sending more than half of the on-campus students to the west side of campus.

The accreditation scare also affected the faculty and staff hard as well.

Dr. Engrid Watson-Miller, English’s newest department chair, informed us that three professors from the English department did not return to their job at the university. The loss of their jobs was caused by the low enrollment of the students. The fewer students that attend the university, the less professors and administrators are needed.

A current Norfolk State University student, whose professor had lost their job, expressed how upset she was hearing that her favorite professor was no longer teaching here.

“He was one of the best professors I have had so far. I do not understand why it had to be him out of all professors to lose their job. Out of anyone, I believe he deserved his position the most,” said sophomore Dominique Jones-Sutton.

Some freshmen from both Babette Smith Halls shared that the accreditation did not cause them to change their minds about attending Norfolk State University. The freshmen, as a whole, seem to agree that Norfolk State is changing. So they knew, as time goes by, Norfolk State will change for the better.

“Giving up on the university was never an option because, believe it or not, there are some people that are not here who absolutely wanted to attend, so I am grateful,” said one freshmen student.

In due time, the enrollment will be back to its average numbers and Norfolk State University will, once again, be one of the premier HBCUs.