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A Spartan becomes a Raider

Former Spartans Lambert, Carey On Opening-Day NFL Rosters (photo courtesy of

Keenan Lambert was picked-up by the Oakland Raiders this year.   (Photo courtesy of

by Brittni Stanfield

Keenan Lambert, graduate of Norfolk State University, has followed his dreams of becoming a professional football player in the NFL. He began playing football at the age of 4. Since then he has played for Maury High School, Norfolk State University and now…the Oakland Raiders.

Keenan’s journey has been quite a challenge for him. After high school, he was offered a partial scholarship from VA Tech, but his brother–the notable Kam Chancellor–was in attendance at VA Tech and Keenan wanted to make his own way in football. Being labeled “Lil Kam” and having the same profession as his older brother led him to somewhat live in his brother’s shadow for a while. Therefore, Keenan decided to accept a full ride scholarship from Norfolk State University.

After attending Norfolk State University for his 4-year term, he was selected as a free agent pick up on the Seattle Seahawks this year. Ironically, his brother Kam Chancellor plays on the same team and they shared the same position as safety. Even though he did not want to live in his brother’s shadow on Va Tech’s team, he was honored to play professional football with his brother because he had built his own personal relationship with the team and they knew him as a player.

He was picked up in the 6th round and signed a bonus. The difference between being drafted and selected as a free agent pick up is the amount of money the player receives. Keenan played in a few pre-season games, but an injury led to him missing two games. Later on, he was dropped from the Seattle Seahawks. There was a chance of him be reselected and red-shirted, but a few days after speaking with him he was picked up by the Oakland Raiders.

After years of playing football, Keenan Lambert was able to pursue his career professionally. Even though he was finally able to play professionally alongside his brother, having his own personal relationship with the team, that was not where his career settled. Today he is officially playing strong safety, with the number 32 on his back, as an Oakland Raider.

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